Police stage fake arrest to make dream come true for seven-year-old boy

Police stage fake arrest to make dream come true for seven-year-old boy

February 26, 2020 Off By telemarkx-c

In 2018, Allan Harris needed surgery after he developed a soft tissue tumour in his stomach called rhabdomyosarcoma.

The seven-year-old has now finished treatment last year but after spending lots of time in hospital, he wanted a special day out and charity Make-A-Wish was on hand to give him just that.

Allan, from Swansea, dreams of being a police officer one day and the charity were able to get West Yorkshire Police to step in and give him a day to remember.

They staged a fake crime, raid and arrest to show him every part of what their day involves.

The foundation organised for him to travel from Wales and spend the day at West Yorkshire Police’s training and development centre working on a special operation codenamed Avenger.

He was given his own uniform and they day started with a police escort as he travelled to the centre in Wakefield.

The first task was to give him some training and officers were on hand to show him how to dust for prints and put handcuffs on a suspect before the operation began.

They then took him in the van, decked him out in extra protective gear and showed him how they controlled a riot.

Next up, he got to help them raid a house, using a ram to open the door.

Allan got to ride a police motorbike and even try out the siren before they staged a firearms incident.

Finally, he helped to arrest the crooks with police dogs on had to assist.

And after Allan arrested the crooks, he was given a special presentation to mark his work.

Afterwards he described the day as ‘absolutely brilliant’.

Make-A-Wish UK chief executive Jason Suckley said: ‘We have recently experienced a significant increase in the number of children turning to us for a wish – around 1,700 between July and November last year alone.

‘Our greatest challenge is to reach every one of these children. We can’t do this alone so we’re hugely grateful to the police community for their help in creating such an amazing experience for Allan.’