Mum reveals how she makes homemade pizza in her slow cooker

Mum reveals how she makes homemade pizza in her slow cooker

February 24, 2020 Off By telemarkx-c

Cooking up a pizza from scratch seems like a huge task when you can buy a frozen one or order a takeaway.

But making one yourself is much cheaper and very tasty.

To cut down on the time it takes and to have it ready for the moment they get home, people are making the Italian staple in their slow cookers.

Posting on in the Crockpot/Slow Cooker Recipes & Tips, one mum explained she used pre-made dough and added her toppings before leaving it on to cook.

It creates a deep-pan style pizza with a thick base.

She said: ‘ My first ever sc pizza!

‘Jus-rol thin crust pizza base (in fridge section in supermarket (uk)tomato sauce comes with it)

‘I added cooked chicken, peppers, mushroom, pepperoni, mozzarella slices, chillies and grated cheese…was in sc on high for about 1 and a half hours… can’t wait to taste it!’

Others have been copying the idea to create their own versions.

After trying it out, another poster said: ‘ First time using my slow cooker for making pizza and this was the result. It came out delicious.’

She added that the base was ‘not soggy at all. The dough was crispy brown.’

Some others recommended adding a tea towel under the lid to absorb moisture and make it even crisper.

‘Made it twice this week but with my own gf pizza dough recipe – family are now asking for recipe – definitely tea towel on lid – it’s the best,’ one person wrote.